Deadline TV Editor Thinks There’s Too Much Diversity in the New Pilot Season

Someone decided to shed white tears and lament all the diversity that will soon be on TV.

Nellie Andreeva        
Nellie Andreeva         Nellie Andreeva

Here’s a quick question: Over the last year, how many shows on network television prominently featured nonwhite actors or actresses? I’m pretty sure you can count on two hands with fingers left over. This pilot season promises to be one of the most diverse in years, but Nellie Andreeva, Deadline’s TV editor, thinks there’s just a little too much diversity.

In an article that is filled with every last white tear you could possibly imagine, Andreeva lamented the lack of opportunities for white actors during this upcoming pilot season.

Yes, you read correctly. The multicultural crew has taken over television, and OMG, white people won’t have jobs. The world is coming to an end. 

“Instead of opening the field for actors of any race to compete for any role in a colorblind manner, there has been a significant number of parts designated as ethnic this year, making them off-limits for Caucasian actors, some agents signal. Many pilot characters this year were listed as open to all ethnicities, but when reps would call to inquire about an actor submission, they frequently have been told that only non-Caucasian actors would be considered,” Andreeva wrote.

So let me get this straight.

After a billion years of watching the majority of white faces on television, we’re supposed to be upset that about 10 percent of the new shows on TV now have more diverse actors and actresses?

I’m sorry, but what bizarro world is Andreeva living in?

Andreeva even had the audacity to pinpoint where roles that were written for white actors eventually had actors of other ethnicities cast in them: