Do Yourself a Favor: Follow Taystee on Instagram

It'll help you with your Orange Is the New Black withdrawal.

Danielle Brooks' Instagram page
Danielle Brooks' Instagram page Instagram

Good news. We’ll learn the date of the season 2 premiere of Orange Is the New Black really, really soon, according to several vague media reports.

While you wait, I suggest you satisfy your cravings by stalking Danielle Brooks on Instagram. It should be said here that all of the OITNB cast members are ridiculously endearing on Instagram, but Brooks, who plays Taystee, is kinda special. She might also be the happiest person on the Internet.

Also, she’s bad.

Her jumpsuit game is quite stellar.

Look at her joyously spending time with your other favorite OITNB cast member, Samira Wiley, also known as Poussey.