Just in Time for Thanksgiving, Here’s the World’s Most Disgusting Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Two words: Parmesan cheese!

Sweet potato pie ... made with Parmesan cheese
Sweet potato pie ... made with Parmesan cheese Facebook

With a plethora of cooking bloggers and Facebook pages with easy recipes, every so often, I come across a dish that I’m eager to try. But a recent sweet potato pie recipe that came across my Facebook timeline was not one of those dishes.

Cooking Panda’s Facebook page posted a recipe for sweet potato pie, and people are appalled. And rightly so. The recipe starts out looking like it may have possibilities. By “possibilities” I mean, sure, they actually used sweet potatoes. Well, let me correct that. They used one sweet potato. Which I guess makes sense, if you’re making a sweet potato pot pie, but I digress. But it’s what happens after the sweet potato is introduced that has some people wondering, “What in the ever loving hell is this s–t?”

Evaporated milk, eggs—*record scratch*—what in the world is dark sugar? Besides a potential name for my Queen cover band. Did they mean “brown sugar”? Also, who in the world sweetens their pie just with “dark sugar”? Patti LaBelle would not be pleased. Where is the allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract? Where is the flavor? Why does this pie sound like it would taste like cardboard pie?

But, whatever, that’s not the horrible part. Maybe some people just like bland pie.

Up next, butter is added. Yes, every pie needs butter. Although they only used a small amount; I guess you have to keep that cholesterol in check.

But just when you thought the bland pie recipe was over, the pièce de résistance came when Parmesan cheese was added! Our foregrandmothers (not to be confused with forefathers) would be rolling over in their graves if they knew this was an actual recipe. Hell, people are up in arms on the Facebook page. Just take a look at a few of the comments out of the thousands that got posted by angry sweet potato pie lovers:






And the funny thing about this … normally I would never eat sweet potato pie, because I’m just not a fan. But at least I know what should go into them. And Parmesan cheese is not an ingredient for anything that’s allegedly sweet potato pie. But you know what? For s–ts (literally, because that’s what you’ll have after eating this) and giggles, I may venture out and try this recipe and report back. Actually, I’m lying. This culinary clusterf–k is blasphemy.