Relationship Coach Gets No Love

Twitter lashes out at Cheyenne Bostock with its greatest weapon -- humor.


(The Root) — For better or worse, self-styled “relationship experts” are all the rage. Everyone is in on the act — rappers, actors, singers and seemingly every other person on Twitter. Some have managed to collect thousands of followers, but for every fan there are probably at least 10 people who are, shall we say, less enthused.

One “expert” in particular, Cheyenne Bostock, has won the ire of countless Twitterers. He is often called to task by the masses for tweeting what many consider inflammatory, sexist tips on what women need to do to land and keep a man. The takedowns are often serious, poignant and insightful, but sometimes they’re just freaking hilarious.

On April 23 , Twitter expressed its displeasure with Bostock by littering his hashtag — #AskCheyB — with random, hilarious queries. Here are some of the funniest ones.