Twitter Relieves Some Stress With ‘Catfish’

After tense weeks watching the Zimmerman trial and mourning the verdict, folks watching the hit MTV show got a chance to unwind.

Screenshot of "LeVourne" (MTV)
Screenshot of "LeVourne" (MTV)

(The Root) — For weeks, tensions over the George Zimmerman trial have run high and hot on Twitter, with users focusing extensively on the proceedings. indeed, the trial engulfed the whole of black Twitter: The No. 1 trending topic at The Chatterati has been something related to the trial since the verdict was handed down (#TrayvonMartin, #ZimmermanTrial and #RachelJeantel were recurring hashtags).

Last night, though, the trial was unseated from its No. 1 spot by Catfish, MTV’s hit show about people meeting their online loves for the first time. The show is usually a train wreck, but this time there was a happy ending — and black Twitter was hilariously mad about it.

The letdown was so severe because viewers had been encouraged to believe that the show’s young, blond subject, Lauren, had been led on by LeVourne, a man who looks very much like your Uncle Ron who shows up at the family reunion asking youngsters, “What you know ’bout that??” when an old-school song comes on. Twitter held its collective breath waiting for the confrontation, but in a rare twist, the young woman met her Prince Charming — and it was not LeVourne. 

While many were happy for the couple, black Twitter demanded its money back. The jokes flew, giving the Twitterverse a much-needed breath of fresh air. Check out some of the reactions below.