Black Twitter Gives Buzzfeed Hilarious Article Ideas

Twitter notices Buzzfeed's newest black writers and muses on possible article topics.

(The Root) — Buzzfeed has been bringing quite a bit of color into its ranks lately, with folks such as Saeed Jones and Shani O. Hilton writing pieces like this one on the power of black Twitter.

Twitter took notice of all the brown brilliance joining the crew when it was announced on Wednesday that Joel Anderson, a contributor at Postbourgie and formerly of the Tampa Bay Times, is the latest addition, signing on as the site’s senior sportswriter. After this tweet from Twitter user @desusnice, @frazierapproves followed with this one, starting the hashtag #BlackBuzzfeed, which lists creative fictional Buzzfeed-style topics with an added touch of blackness. The tag is absolutely hilarious and still going strong. Check out some of the funniest #BlackBuzzfeed tweets below.