Black Twitter’s Best Screen Names

Black people on Twitter are a creative bunch, from hashtags to handles.

Twitter Screenshot
Twitter Screenshot

(The Root) — The black folk on Twitter are a wildly creative bunch. This has been proved time and time again with hilarious hashtags, like #BlackBuzzFeed and #PaulasBestDishes. They also have a penchant for cleverly remixing famous names to make them funnier. We saw this when Chris Brown subtweeted Rihanna, and we see it every day in people’s screen names.

From “Hoelivia Pope” to “Slimi Hendrix,” black Twitter puts as much thought into its handles as it does its hashtags. The latest trend, which I love, is to put “Bae” into regular names (“Bae,” of course, being the best black pet name there is). Check out some of our favorite black Twitter handles!

1. W.E.B.B.I.E DuBois

Webbie meets the Talented Tenth.

2. Bae Dawn Chong

“Bae! Who dis woman?”

3. Olivia Dope