Black Twitter Scolded Whole Foods for Telling People to Cook Collard Greens Like This

Really? With peanuts?

Whole Foods tweeted this photo of collard greens and peanuts on Jan. 14, 2016. Twitter

There have been reports and rumors that collard greens would be the next item to be gentrified and Columbused by the mainstream—that is, folks would be told that it’s a green that people aren’t using as much and ought to start using, completely ignoring its legacy in African-American Southern soul food, and how it’s a staple in black households nationwide.

Whole Foods caught itself proving that hunch right by tweeting that people who aren’t cooking with collard greens ought to start, and then directing people to a link telling people to cook collard greens with peanuts. Or at least that’s what the photo it used implied.

Yep, peanuts. Never in the history of Negrodom, in the history of the black Diaspora, in the history of these United Households of Black America, has anyone espoused the cooking of collard greens with peanuts. And if anyone did, he or she certainly didn’t suggest that it was “how to cook collards.”

And again, if someone did, they didn’t put the peanuts in the main collard green cooking pot. Oh no; they scooped up their share of collard greens, put it on a plate and sprinkled their own peanuts onto their share. (Everybody’s got somebody in their family who’s allergic to peanuts.)

Black Twitter came down on Whole Foods for this one.