Best Reactions to Beyoncé’s Late-Night Album Drop

Thank you, Bey. Thank you.


Last night, Beyoncé was kind enough to let us watch Scandal before pulling the pop music stunt of the year. Or maybe decade?

Rumors of album delays and random song leaks had us waiting anxiously all year for an announcement on Bey’s fifth studio-album release date. But in lieu of an announcement, Bey just gave us the album.

Yes, that’s right. Like a very wealthy, influential and stealth ninja, Bey released her self-titled album on iTunes without any promotion, marketing, press or warning.

Seriously. This all happened at like 11:57 pm last night. Those numbers don’t even add up to 4. So random. Here’s Bey explaining why she opted to give her album directly to her fans, without any marketing noise in between the transaction:

And the project’s size alone make her efforts superhuman: Beyoncé features 14 songs and 17 videos. That she managed this Herculean endeavor without any Internet leaking (save for this short clip of the “Grown Woman” video) is, well … I’m not saying I believe in the Illuminati thing, but sometimes, I get it.

People were feeling all of the feelings, and had lots of thoughts on Beyoncé’s super powers: