Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Solange-Photo-Posting Spree on Instagram

Could this be the couple’s way of showing support for Beyoncé’s sister?

Jay Z and Solange
Jay Z and Solange Jay Z Instagram

What’s one way to show the public that you truly care about a family member and everything’s going to be all right? Post multiple photos of that person on Instagram, of course. In what looks like a gesture of “love” toward Solange Knowles, both Jay Z and Beyoncé have posted several photos of themselves posing with Solange during happier times.

By happier times I mean when Jay Z wasn’t on the receiving end of Solange’s flying fists and kicks of fury inside an elevator, but instead was sipping on some cognac and wine during an awards show:

Or when Jay Z and Solange were just chilling at a club:

Beyoncé, on the other hand, showed sisterly solidarity Wednesday morning by posting photos of the two embracing each other during their recent Coachella Festival performance:

As well as an older photo of the sisters from the early 2000s: