Twitter: Gabrielle Union Is No Olivia Pope — Yet

After the Monday-night premiere of BET's new drama, Twitter weighs in on comparisons between Being Mary Jane and Scandal.

Gabrielle Union (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Gabrielle Union (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

(The Root) — It seems that everyone is trying to capture the momentum of Scandal, ABC’s hit show starring Kerry Washington as a woman capable of fixing everyone’s life but her own. After auditioning for the role of Olivia Pope and losing out, actress Gabrielle Union is poised to make a name for herself in the world of scripted drama with BET’s Being Mary Jane. The show’s pilot, billed as an “original movie,” premiered last night (the show’s inaugural season is set to air in 2014).

Though I didn’t watch it, it seems that nearly everyone else did, according to my Twitter feed. It has definitely made quite a few fans, including some popular black celebs. Union live-tweeted the show, along with others who were watching, leaving some to wonder if BET is taking the same social media approach that Scandal found such success with.

While many agree that it’s a good show, some on Twitter are calling Union’s claim that it’s “something better” than Scandal a little too ambitious. There are similarities: Both shows center around successful black female leads who are just as flawed as they are strong. Beyond that, it doesn’t look as if Scandal fans are riding with Gabby on this comparison.

Check out below some of what people are saying about Being Mary Jane.