Twitter Admits Its Privilege

A trending topic turns into an informative consciousness-raising session.

(The Root) — Though Twitter trending topics usually surround the hilarious and ridiculous, this morning saw the rise of a sobering, informative hashtag: #AdmitYourPrivilege. In it, Twitter users outlined the many ways in which they are privileged in society.

In addition to naming the usual, obvious privileges — being white, male, straight, Christian, etc. — there were other, less obvious privileges named, discussed and debated. Being right-handed, having a certain type of hair, being in a sorority or fraternity … the trending topic inspired a lot of important conversations on the topic of privilege.

The hashtag was as inspiring as it was informative; it feels good to know that so many people out there are as aware of their societal advantages as they are their disadvantages. Check out some of the tweets and conversations below.