From Leather Skirts to French Nails, Brothers Are Stylin’

Black men are pushing the boundaries of fashion.


Actor Omar Epps sparked a Twitter storm when he donned a leather skirt for his appearance on The View. But Epps isn’t the only man pushing the envelope when it comes to style. We found a few more famous men who are getting in touch with their feminine side when it comes to fashion and style.


In 2012, did rapper A$AP Rocky hit 106th and Park wearing a dress? Nope. The rapper claims it was merely an oversized shirt that just happened to look very dress-like.

Cam’ron’s Pink Mink and Matching Range Rover

Harlem rapper Cam’ron has been killing the game in his trademark all-pink ensembles. We’re pretty sure he has a monopoly on pink mink coats.

Snoop’s French Manicure