‘PromBat’ Teen Who Dressed as Rihanna for Prom Speaks Out

Alexis Carter wanted to look like her favorite pop star but ended up being the butt of jokes on Twitter.

Alexis Carter
Alexis Carter Twitter screenshot

Teens nowadays will do anything to emulate their favorite pop stars, but a 16-year-old from Baltimore is learning that imitation is not always the best form of flattery.

Alexis Carter thought she’d pulled off a prom look that would have everyone envious. Her specially designed jumpsuit was supposed to look like one Rihanna wore to the Echo Awards in 2010:

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, I love this outfit, I wanna go with this outfit. Let me go show my mom,’ and I was like, ‘Mom, Mom, Mom, I wanna wear this, it’s cool, I love it, oh my god,” Alexis told Fox Baltimore.

But unfortunately, once her photo hit the Internet, she became the butt of jokes and memes. The hashtag #prombat was used to describe her:

To make matters worse, Alexis was even clowned by the one person she was trying to emulate, the Bajan pop star herself. The singer posted photos of both outfits on Twitter, accompanied by a sad face. She also put a photo of Alexis’ outfit next to a Wu-Tang Clan symbol.