#NewBlack Alert: Wu-Tang Clan Founder RZA Says Dressing Better Could Prevent Police Harassment and All Lives Matter, Which Is Why He Doesn’t Eat Meat

RZA’s about to become someone people may not want to f--k with after these comments.

RZA Bloomberg

Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA had some interesting thoughts to share during a recent interview on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect. The rapper-director spoke on everything from today’s political climate to the much-talked-about topic of the Black Lives Matter movement and law enforcement.

But it’s his comments about BLM and law enforcement that have some people shaking their heads. When asked about BLM, he definitely gave an interesting response.

“Of course black lives matter,” RZA said. “All lives matter. I stopped eating meat because their lives matter to me. I don’t think it’s necessary for us to grow a cow to kill it.”

Unfortunately, it’s not the livestock out there in the streets getting harassed and killed by cops. But go on with your vegan self.

Speaking of cops, if RZA hadn’t become a rapper, he says he would have been a cop.

“Look, I wanted to be in law enforcement as a kid,” he said. “You wanted to be these guys, you know what I mean?”

But the image of police has changed, he continued. “In the old days, a cop, you’d let him in your house and give him a cookie and milk. Now you’re like … yo, yo yo, yo.”

RZA went on to emphasize that “all lives matter” and gave props to the police.

“I love what the police do for our society; I love the idea of it, to serve and protect. Those who are upholding that idea, then they are beneficial to society. But those who lose that focus, whether they lose it through fear, through stress, or through not being properly trained—and they are allowed to go out on the streets—how can you enforce law if you don’t understand law?” he said.

But he also pointed the finger at the image some black people project, and seemed to say that if you wore nicer clothes, you wouldn’t have certain issues. This coming from a man who rocked hoodies and Wallabees for the majority of his life.