#ManCrushMonday: These Men Are Definitely Crush-Worthy

The husband in chief, a rapper and two athletes are crushing it today.


Yet another Monday is upon us, and while some are already counting down to Friday, many of us are relishing the weekly trending topic #ManCrushMonday.

Here at The Root, #ManCrushMonday is more than buff bods and handsome faces; it’s a chance to look at a few crush-worthy men who have made headlines.

1. President Barack Obama prevents Michelle Obama’s “Marilyn Monroe” moment.

Recently while ascending Air Force One, President Barack Obama proved to the world that he is always looking out for his first lady. A sudden wind swooped under FLOTUS’ skirt, but being the dutiful and chivalrous husband that he is, President Obama made sure all was well as he kept the skirt in its rightful place.

2. Drake visits terminally ill teen cancer patient in Houston.

Over the weekend, the rapper granted the wish of a 15-year-old terminally ill cancer patient by visiting her in the Texas city.

Kennedy Brown, who attends Carnegie Vanguard High School, suffers from an inoperable malignant brain tumor. After Kennedy’s friends rallied behind her wish to meet Drake by creating the hashtag #drakeforken, the rapper took notice and made a special video for her.

But Drake didn’t stop there! According to ABC News, he paid Kennedy a visit and shared the experience on Instagram. “All these beautiful people #drakeforken turned into #kenfordrake I am so happy,” one of his posts read.

3. Alonzo Mourning to be inducted into 2014 NBA Hall of Fame.