There Are Only 33 Black Students at UCLA School of Law

This video documents their journey.

Screenshot from “33”
Screenshot from “33” YouTube

There are 1,100 students currently enrolled in UCLA’s School of Law. Only 33 of those students are black, representing a dismal 3 percent of the student body.

To express their feelings of isolation and the frustrations that come with the burden of “representing the race,” UCLA’s black law students created a video called “33,” Buzzfeed reports. The intent of the montage is to “raise awareness of the disturbing emotional toll placed upon students of color due to their alarmingly low representation within the student body.”

“I think the fact that I was a black woman really played a lot into why people stopped listening to me,” one student said.

“No one can help me,” another student said, reflecting on her classroom experiences. “No one can jump in. No one can at least acknowledge that anything I’m saying has any truth.”

Watch the moving video below:

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