50 Cent Clears Up Rumors Online

The rapper, recently charged with domestic violence, proves he isn't in jail with dramatic flair.

50 Cent (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
50 Cent (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

(The Root) — Rapper 50 Cent is on Twitter going above and beyond to prove that not only is he innocent of recent domestic-violence charges, he’s also infinitely richer than you are.

He was charged with assaulting his girlfriend after an incident in her home on June 23. 50 Cent and his attorney maintain his innocence, noting that he was never arrested for the alleged crime. To punctuate this fact, the rapper has spent the holiday weekend posting pictures of himself being very free and very rich on Twitter and Instagram.

Social media campaign aside, 50 Cent still stands to face five years in jail and thousands in court fines if convicted.