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Every day, someone in the black greek world makes news.  On Mondays, we'll tell you who, what, when and where.

Iota Phi Theta Founder Elias Augustus Dorsey passes
Iota Phi Theta Founder Elias Augustus Dorsey passes

Each Monday, I’ll pick out some of the more interesting black greek news that’s coming across my computer.  And if you think your news is good enough to make the list, send me an email and I’ll check it out. But until next week…

Columbia University mourns the loss of an Alphaman, and one of their all time great athletes. Also, an Alpha was named Professional of the Year at the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association’s Evening of Elegance.

It’s Family Fun Day for AKA’s in Milwaukee. And in South Carolina, AKA’s are leading a back to school event.

A Delta Alumnae chapter sponsors an art gallery in Alabama. And apparently, the New Orleans airport wasn’t ready for thousands of women with places to go.

Kappa tries to save its credit union in federal court. And a Kappaman is named as the head of Phoenix’s Black Chamber of Commerce.

Omegas in Jacksonville visit the Haitian Ambassador…and leave a $30,000 check. And while at their Grand Conclave, the Omegas have fun cleaning up at the YMCA.

Phi Beta Sigma brothers at Purdue gather school supplies for a giveaway. And Florida State Sigmas splish and splash with 50 kids from the community.

Two Zetas create a new business for Zetas called The House of Zele. And a Zeta, and former history teacher, celebrates her 100th birthday in Florida.

Greenville Sigma Gamma Rhos are holding an informational for their upcoming debutante. And apparently, Rhoers are on fire to serve.