Meet Our Newest Honorary Member…Brother Jesus Christ!

My heart tells me that the great majority of these honorary inductions are done for the press that it gets and to boost the image of the organization.

Meet Honorary Brother...Jesus Christ...
Meet Honorary Brother...Jesus Christ...

XYZ News– XYZ Fraternity is proud to announce their newest honorary member…Mr. Jesus Christ. Mr. Christ, who is a worldwide celebrity and star of the long running reality program, “Christianity”, accepted the honor from XYZ as part of their 200th annual fraternity convention. “I always loved the ideals of XYZ fraternity,” Mr. Christ said, as he smiled for the cameras. Leaders of XYZ fraternity who’d nominated Mr. Christ for membership, gathered around him, posing for their own pictures with the man known by his nickname, “The Lord”.

“I never really had time to pledge, or even go to college for that matter. I was sorta busy, you know,” added Mr. Christ.

There had been some grumbling among XYZ members that Mr. Christ, being omnipotent, could have found a bit of time to pledge, like most ordinary members. And there were whispers that XYZ was glory hunting with this high profile pick. But XYZ president Johnny Baptist dismissed those concerns as being “shortsighted”.

“Look,” Mr. Baptist said, as he handed Mr. Christ a new XYZ jacket, “we were surprised that the Alphas, Kappas, Omegas, Sigmas and Iotas hadn’t already signed him up. I mean, it’s not like they don’t know his work. We feel lucky that he’s officially ours and no one else can claim him. Plus, he became a life member, which is more than a lot of those complaining brothers can say.”

As Mr. Christ left the auditorium wearing his new XYZ fraternity jacket, which had “Big Brother Savior” written on the back, he turned back to cheering XYZ members and gave up the XYZ fraternity sign.

“XYZ is in my heart!” Mr. Christ exclaimed with a smile. And with that, he left the auditorium, promising to return soon.

I’ve got to admit that I just don’t get honorary membership. I also don’t get honorary membership’s little stealthy brother, the “special intake”, where famous members who somehow can’t find time to pledge when everyone else is pledging, are inducted into an organization. It’s that induction where you get an email saying blankety blank is now your brother or sister, and instead of saying, “cool”, your first reaction is “huh?”.

My brain tells me that these famous people are being gifted membership because they’ve matched the attributes and values of the organization, and by making them an honorary member, the organization is simply bringing them into the fold as an example for other members. I’ve heard people compare it to receiving an honorary doctoral degree from a university. Maybe so. But my heart tells me different.