The Real Life Stages of Black Greekdom

What are the real life stages of Black Greek life? How do you look at Black Greekdom from when you're first initiated until you're old and jaundiced?  

The 20 Years and Beyond Period...Fraternal Harmony...

Ten years ago, I was hard at work writing my first book, The Divine Nine, when I began wondering: What are the real life stages of Black Greek life? How do you look at Black Greekdom from when you’re first initiated until you’re old and jaundiced?

So I jotted down a few amusing anecdotes, and sent it to the National Pan Hellenic Council list serve for their enjoyment.  I then watched as my piece mutated into infinite versions, all hitting my email without my name on the byline.

Anyway, I dug up my original piece and decided to do an update.  So here’s a humorous look at The Real Life Stages of Black Greekdom, from the point of view of your average Black Greek. Enjoy!

Year One to Year Five

I am the most hardcore member to ever enter my organization.  No one pledged harder over those four weeks, loved their organization more, or repped it with more passion than me.  I am down for my brothers/sisters and they’re down for me. No one should even think about dissing my organization because I take anything said very seriously.

And when it comes to paraphernalia, no one has more than me.  I make it a point to wear Greek letters everyday. My car has a license plate, back window sticker, and a flag with my orgs letters.  My house? A shrine to my organization.

And I travel.  Man, do I travel.  If there’s a step show or picnic in my area, and when I mean area, I mean within one thousand miles of my house, I am there.  I’ll step and stroll at the drop of a dime, chant with the best of them, and will diss other orgs for being weak versions of my organization.  I pity them.

By the way, did I mention that I pledged harder than anyone else over four weeks?

Year Five to Year Ten