Scientists Say Global Warming Is Heating Up

Hotter summers, shorter winters, rise in diseases. And I need to know this because... ?

A recent climate study suggests global warming is in full effect and getting worse.  From 100-degree summers to diseases gone amok,  the U.S. Global Change Research Program warns that Americans will soon stand face-to face with a planet in serious peril.  Look, I appreciate the updates and warnings.  I do, I do.  But truth be told, I don’t need any more updates.  I get it.  One day it’s cold, the next day it’s warm; the following day it starts off cold and then ends with house-shaking thunder and torrential downpours and a thirty percent chance of snow.

This is what I need to know:  why do we need to keep hearing about it?  Is the government required to provide friendly reminders of a chaos-to-come? Are the updates really coded messages suggesting for folks to stop having babies, pack up the goods and head to the mountains? Is it a ploy from the pharmaceutical industry to keep Americans stressed so we can continue to pill-pop and remain slaves to prescriptions? The climate is crazy, yes, but what do these updates provide besides stress?