Big Daddy Kane: On Tour and No Half-Steppin’

Big Daddy Kane was part mack daddy, part Five Percenter, and the brother could Cabbage Patch like nobody's business. Twenty years later and he's still getting it in.

Big Daddy Kane performed at Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Saturday.  And yes, Mister “King Asiatic Nobody Else” was still bringing lyrics and Asiatic flow and the courage to dance like a true golden rapper.  I must admit I wasn’t able to check him out.  Don’t worry.  I was grilled by a few friends about forfeiting an opportunity to see Kane for a chance to eat at some new farm-to-table restaurant on the Upper West Side. What can I say?  I’m obsessed with farm-to-table eating.  Anyway…. I love/loved Big Daddy Kane.  The idea of a rapper who dropped Five Percenter lyrics about community-building, romancing, AND who was willing to break out into the Cabbage Patch, was revolutionary.  Now back in the late 1980s I was nose-deep in British Imports and the alernative sounds of De La Sol, but I certainly appreciated Kane and all of his smooth albeit hard-hitting consicousness.  Who didn’t?  Well, I knew a few folks who fell off the Kane train when he fondled Madonna while wearing a leopard Speedo.   I guess we all have our low moments.  Or should I say, Speedo and threesome photo moments.  Trust me, next time Kane comes to the BK I’ll forfeit the nourishment of farm-to-table eating for some Kane consciousness.

Check out his tour dates here.