View from the Plateau: Kinda Sucky

It feels good to be pushed beyond your perceived limitations, though it doesn’t feel great at the time.

She don't scare me none.
She don't scare me none.

I’m down 27 pounds and holding, and not the least bit happy about it.  I’ve reached a plateau. My desire is flagging, my discipline is out the window. I’m always sleepy and craving sweets.

I’ve made promises to myself that I’ve broken, and though I’m healthier than I was when I started in February, I’m nowhere near where I wanted to in June, so it’s time to pull out the heavy artillery.

I contacted personal trainer Leslie Moraitis – for some reason, her name is really easy for me to remember – and requested two personal training sessions next week, and every week from here on out. First session: 6:45 a.m. Monday at the gym.

Leslie occasionally reads this blog, and knows I once (lovingly?) referred to her as “Demon Spawn from Hell” after one of her sessions. I’d paid for a couple of sessions, then dropped out because of the cost, and also because I didn’t think I was ready for her brutal sessions.

Honestly though, it was a good kind of brutality, if that makes any sense. The kind of intense workout I could love to hate.

And that’s exactly what I need right now.

I actually emailed Leslie last night. I’d been watching the new show Losing It with Jillian, and was inspired. I usually don’t watch un-reality shows like that and Biggest Loser, but there was nothing else on, and I needed some background noise while I was in the kitchen baking a cake for my son’s 22nd birthday. Forty minutes in, I emailed Leslie during a commercial.

I actually liked the show’s premise – Jillian Michaels has just one week to make a difference in a family’s life – and liked that it wasn’t just about eating the wrong foods, but exploring (however briefly) the root issues. And when the overweight husband and wife were getting Michaels’ trademark screaming-meemie treatment in the gym, I wanted to be there, too.

I know. Sick, right?