Nothing Gained, Nothing Lost

It was a weekend of breaking just about every eating rule.

whole red lobster isolated on white background

Just got in from a nine-hour drive from Orlando, including a trip to Raleigh-Durham International to pick up Skyler (who flew in with the coaches and team); a pit stop at the house to unload the van; then dropping the van off at Enterprise; stopping by the bank to get cash to pay the guy who came by twice a day to take care of Tanner – yet Tanner still manager to knock every pillow off every couch and leave pounds of dog hair in his wake; swing back by the house to pick up Sky and drop her off at practice (no rest for the weary), and now back home.


It was a weekend of breaking just about every eating rule I’d made for myself, including TWO different buffets. So of course, one of the first things I did when I got home was jump on the scale. Then jump off. Then jump on again. Then strip bare and jump on yet again.

Conclusion: By some miracle of the universe, I don’t believe I gained. I didn’t lose, either.

I’ll know for sure in the a.m., which is when I usually weigh myself. But after accounting for clothing, it being late afternoon after little sleep and a long drive (read: water retention), I figured I broke even. Not the result I wanted, but better than I deserve.

For starters, it was my first time dealing with a “vacation rental,” but the townhouse was fab. It was new, immaculate and beautifully furnished. I did not want to leave.

My daughter stayed with her team and all 8 million other cheerleaders (I’m sure that’s a slight exaggeration; but that’s what it looked like) at their specified Disney resort. My son, hubby, mother, brother, sister-in-law and I stayed at the townhouse. Everything was there except food, so it’s not entirely my fault that there were so many things to eat.

It is entirely my fault I ate what I did. But let the record show, I only had one piece of the chocolate cheesecake my sis-in-law bought, and none of the ice cream. I was responsible for the morning muffins, but also the fresh fruit.

Now, about those buffets … I love seafood. I would eat nothing else if given the option, and there I was in  lorida. Long story short, my mother and I pretty much strong-armed everyone else into going to an expensive seafood buffet. Even though I’d sworn off all buffets, I had to make an exception. I mean, they had whole lobsters on there.