Three Cops Found Guilty in Post-Katrina Killing

Three New Orleans police officers were found guilty in connection with the death of Henry Glover in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Plus, blacks and Hispanics outpace whites in use of Twitter.

A federal jury tonight convicted three current or former New Orleans police officers in connection with the death of Henry Glover, a 31-year old man who was shot by a police officer and died in custody shortly after Hurricane Katrina tore through Louisiana in 2005,” A.C. Thompson wrote Thursday for ProPublica.

“The circumstances of Glover’s death were first disclosed more than two years ago in a story published by ProPublica and The Nation magazine. That story prompted a federal civil rights investigation and drew attention to the conduct of the New Orleans Police Department in the chaotic days after Katrina and the subsequent flooding ravaged the city.

“The jury found ex-cop David Warren guilty of shooting Glover, officer Greg McRae guilty of burning Glover’s body, and Lt. Travis McCabe guilty of creating a false police report and misleading federal authorities when questioned about the case.

“Two other police officials, Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann and former Lt. Robert Italiano, were acquitted of all charges against them. Scheuermann had been accused of participating in the burning [of] Glover’s body and beating the men who sought to rescue him after he was shot. Italiano had been indicted for trying to cover-up the crimes.”

Hispanics, Blacks Outstrip Whites in Use of Twitter

Users of Twitter, the social networking system, amount to 6 percent of the adult population, according to Aaron Smith and Lee Rainie of the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

They reported Thursday:

“Young adults: Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than are older adults.

“African-Americans and Latinos: Minority internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white Internet users.