NBC’s Tamron Hall Shares Pain of Sister’s Murder

She said the tragedy was behind her drive to host Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall.

Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall
Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall Peacock Productions

Tamron Hall Shares Pain of Sister’s Slaying

Critic Gets Comeuppance at Television Writers Conference

NBC News correspondent Tamron Hall revealed for television critics details of the unsolved 2004 murder of her sister and credited the agony of the experience for “the drive she has to host ‘Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall’ on the network, which requires her to split her time with her NBC reporting and MSNBC anchor duties,” L.A. Ross reported for The Wrap. “But Hall said she is still not ready to tell her sister’s story on the show.”

At a panel of the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, Calif., “Philadelphia TV critic Jonathan Storm asked Hall how she split her time between her full duties for NBC News — which include anchoring ‘NewsNation’ daily on MSNBC — and investigating and reporting for ‘Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall’ on ID,” Ross reported, referring to
the Investigation Discovery network.

“The host responded with an intimate story to illustrate why she finds it so important to dedicate time to the Investigation Discovery show, even with the demands of her day job.

“Viewers of ‘Deadline: Crime,’ which starts its second season this spring, are familiar with the story — Hall described the horrible day when she got the call that her sister had been found face down in her pool.

“Initially called an accident, a detective told Hall that that was not so. Hall’s sister had bruising all over her body, hair ripped from her scalp, and most of her fingernails were gone.

“Officers told the family they were fairly sure who committed the crime, but nobody was ever brought to justice.