Protests Quash ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’

Petitions to cancel the show caught Oxygen's attention.

Author Sabrina Lamb was looking forward to kicking off her New Year with a bottle of champagne and a quiet walk on the beach. Instead, on the first day of January she was greeted with a video link from a friend of a brand-new reality show that sent chills down her spine,Allison Samuels wrote Monday for the Daily Beast.

“The video was for All My Babies’ Mamas, a new show developed by Oxygen Media featuring rapper Shawty Lo, his 11 kids, and 10 different mothers.

” ‘My blood curdled just thinking about it,’ Lamb told The Daily Beast.

“So did mine,” Samuels continued. “And apparently that was the reaction of the nearly 40,000 people who signed a petition demanding that the show not air. Though the network denies it, Oxygen is expected to announce that All My Babies’ Mamas won’t ever see the light of day, according to my sources — and that’s a good thing. Still, I’m more concerned with how it ever reached this point. How could a network ever assume that a show about an African-American rapper with 11 kids by 10 women would be OK and not immediately deemed racist? How could it not see that it was offending, insulting, and mocking an entire segment of the African-American community? The answer is pretty simple. The network saw it; the network just didn’t care. . . . “

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“We’re Covering All . . . We Would Normally Be Covering”

Student journalists at Florida A&M University, their newspaper “delayed” until Jan. 30 on orders of new Dean Ann Kimbrough of the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, published online instead Monday.

“We’re covering all the news that we would normally be covering,” Karl Etters, editor of the Famuan, the student newspaper, told Journal-isms by telephone.