Oakland Tribune Name to Live On

Journal-isms: Martin G. Reynolds, editor of the Tribune, told Journal-isms on Friday that he will leave the editor's job to head the "community media laboratories."

Editor Reynolds in New Social-Media, Community Role

The Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and several other East Bay newspapers will retain their own mastheads, and the Tribune will open two new community media laboratories in Oakland, executives of the papers’ parent company announced Thursday,” George Avalos reported for the Tribune.

Martin G. Reynolds, editor of the Tribune, told Journal-isms on Friday that he will leave the editor’s job to head the “community media laboratories.”

“I can say my new Bay Area-wide role will be an eventual complete transition from the traditional duties of the editor of the paper,” Reynolds said by email. Reynolds, a Bay Area native, has been with the newspaper since 1997, starting as a reporter.

“I am very excited and a little sad at the same time,” he said. “I have loved being the editor of this newspaper and it has been a joy and an honor to follow in the footsteps of the many editors who came before me. While I will remain very involved with certain aspects of the paper, the media labs and creating the open newsroom and some enterprise reporting projects already in the works, the day-to-day editing of the Trib will eventually fall to someone else.

“But I have complete confidence in our management team and have been very involved in the discussions around who will step in.”

Avalos’ story continued: “The Bay Area News Group also said it will halt home delivery on Mondays of the Oakland Tribune, The Argus and the Hayward Daily Review, starting sometime in November. The Monday papers will still be available at retail outlets, newsracks and other locations, and there will also be electronic versions.

“BANG had previously planned to combine its East Bay papers into two mastheads, but reconsidered the move based on feedback from the community. The only newspapers whose mastheads will be combined are the Valley Times, Tri-Valley Herald and San Joaquin Herald, and the Oakland Tribune and the Alameda Times Star. The Valley Times, Tri-Valley Herald and San Joaquin Herald will be renamed the Tri-Valley Times. The Alameda Times Star will become part of the Oakland Tribune.

“As part of Thursday’s announcement, the company also said the San Mateo County Times would retain its own masthead, rather than become part of the San Jose Mercury News.

“BANG operates 12 daily newspapers in the East Bay, South Bay and Peninsula, including the Mercury News, the Oakland Tribune and the Contra Costa Times.”