NBC Redeploys Reporter to Gaza After Fallout

The removal of Ayman Mohyeldin a day after he live-tweeted about an Israeli airstrike in Gaza that killed four children drew criticism from fellow journalists.

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Network’s Recall Was Criticized as Pro-Israel Bias

Veteran war correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin announced via Twitter Friday night that NBC News had reversed course and was sending him back to Gaza.

The removal of the Egyptian-American journalist a day after he live tweeted an Israeli airstrike in Gaza that killed four children drew criticism from fellow journalists and reinforced perceptions that the Western media follow a pro-Israeli line.

NBC News issued a statement Friday evening confirming Mohyeldin’s redeployment and praising his work:

Ayman Mohyeldin has done extraordinary reporting throughout the escalation of the conflict in Gaza, filing 25+ reports over the past 17 days, including his invaluable and well-documented contribution to the story on the deaths of the four Palestinian children on Wednesday,” the network said. “As with any news team in conflict zones, deployments are constantly reassessed. We’ve carefully considered our deployment decisions and we will be sending Ayman back to Gaza over the weekend. We look forward to his contributions in the coming days.”

As Bill Carter reported for the New York Times, “When it removed Mr. Mohyeldin, NBC did not give a reason for its decision other than unspecified security concerns.

“On Friday, NBC declined to give any explanation — official or not — for the sudden decision to send Mr. Mohyeldin back into Gaza. In a statement, NBC said only that its ‘deployments were constantly reassessed’ in the region. . . .”

NBC spokeswomen also had not responded to inquiries from Journal-isms.

Miriam Berger reported earlier for BuzzFeed: