Mitt Romney Hires Black Adviser

Journal-isms: The Republican presidential candidate encourages diversity within his campaign staff.

Mario Tama/Getty Images
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Tara Wall Joins Romney as Senior African American

Tara Wall, a former newscaster, Republican National Committee senior adviser, George W. Bush appointee, conservative columnist and deputy editorial page editor for the Washington Times, was hired recently as a senior communications adviser to the Mitt Romney campaign to handle outreach to African Americans, Nia-Malika Henderson and Philip Rucker reported Thursday for the Washington Post.

“Mitt Romney’s campaign team has been quietly laying plans for an outreach effort to President Obama’s most loyal supporters — black voters — not just to chip away at the huge Democratic margins but also as a way to reassure independent swing voters that Romney can be inclusive and tolerant in his thinking and approach,” they wrote.

Henderson and Rucker described Wall as the most senior African American on Romney’s team, reporting that she “spent this week meeting with other top advisers crafting an outreach plan.”

They quoted Wall: “From a messaging standpoint, we need to be able to communicate and relate to these communities about how they are being impacted by Obama’s policies. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s an important part of the process. It’s not a ploy, it’s not a tactic, it’s part of who we are. We have to show up.”

According to a bio, Wall “joined the RNC in May 2004 after spending 13 years as a news reporter, anchor and host for local ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates in Michigan.

“Wall created, executive produced and hosted a talk show for the CBS affiliate in Detroit called ‘Street Beat,’ a weekly, half-hour political affairs program featuring top lawmakers, political, community and business leaders. As a reporter, Wall produced numerous investigative, series and documentary pieces. She was first to uncover and exclusively report the infamous ‘Mayor’s Memo’ story that involved Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and governor-elect Jennifer Granholm in 2002.”

Hugo Balta Says He Will Respond to Petition Drive

Hugo Balta, a coordinating producer at ESPN who lost the presidency of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists two years ago by 13 votes, said Friday that he would respond to what supporters called “a grassroots, member-driven effort” and run for president of the association.