Media Awaits Verdict in Trial of Jordan Davis’ Killer

The verdict will influence the ongoing perception of a lawless Florida, the “Stand your ground” laws and racial tensions.

Jordan Davis
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Jury Weighs ‘Loud-Music’ Killing: ‘Florida Again, Seriously?!’

Media Await Verdict in Death of Teenager Jordan Davis

“In the national coverage of the first-degree murder case of Michael David Dunn, Jacksonville itself hasn’t really been a focus of the story,” Matt Soergel wrote this week for the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville.

“Instead, attention has been squarely on larger targets—the state of Florida, its stand-your-ground law and the case’s echoes of George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford in 2012.

“Typical was a CNN headline last week: ‘The Next Trayvon Martin Case? Another dead teenager in Florida, another controversial self-defense case.’

“Stories also have taken note that State Attorney [Angela] Corey, whose office is in Jacksonville, headed the prosecution in each case.

“Dunn, from Satellite Beach, is a 47-year-old accused of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis during a dispute over loud hip-hop music in a convenience-store parking lot.

“His trial is among the high-profile criminal cases in Florida that have helped create, for some, an unsavory image of the state, as seen in the comments section of a story on the HLN network’s web page:

” ‘Florida again, seriously?! … Florida needs to be snapped off of the rest of the country and allowed to float out to sea, there’s something wrong with the water over there!!’

“HLN, formerly known as Headline News, has been all over the trial, which is tailor-made for its emphasis on crime-related stories. . . .”