A Look at 3 Black American Journalists Covering the Israel-Gaza Crisis

They are among the few brown faces in a sea of white reporters. But they're not new to conflict reporting. 

David Hawthorne/CBS

3 U.S. Black Journalists Covering Gaza Crisis

Alphonso Van Marsh of CBS News, one of a handful of battle-tested U.S. journalists of color covering the Gaza crisis, stood outdoors Monday interviewing Micky Rosenfeld, spokesman for the Israel National Police, in Sderot, Israel.

“It is one of the heavier hit areas by Hamas rockets. Sunday evening, Israel’s Iron Dome defense system blew a Hamas rocket out of the sky over our heads at the same location,” Van Marsh messaged Journal-isms.

“Luckily, there was a concrete shelter nearby to run for cover from falling parts.”

A photo of the stand-up interview was taken by CBS producer David Hawthorne, a second black journalist, who with Van Marsh is in his third week covering the conflict.

A third black journalist in Israel is Karl Bostic, a veteran former NBC News producer who has covered the Mideast and other crisis spots. He is with Arise TV.

Last year, Van Marsh was named a London-based correspondent for News Services at CBS News, the network’s 24-hour television newsgathering service for CBS stations and broadcasters around the world.

“Previously, Marsh spent a decade reporting for CNN, where his assignments took him around the globe,” an announcement said. “As a war correspondent embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan, his work was featured on all of CNN’s platforms. Marsh broke the story of Saddam Hussein’s historic capture in Iraq, earning him a 2004 National Headliner Award. After that, he was a war zone and general assignment reporter in London. Before that, he was a Correspondent and Bureau Operations Director, reporting from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asian subcontinent. . . .”

Hawthorne says on his LinkedIn profile, “I’m a field producer specialized in breaking news and major event stories. I’ve produced in Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Mexico, Cuba and more. . . . I am at my best in the worst of times. I thrive in the challenge. When it can’t be done and some aren’t ‘available’ I am. I’m not worried about reputation. I have a good one. I’m about survival, success and team.”

Bostic has lived in London, covering mostly the Middle East, but also Europe, North Africa and Haiti during its 2010 earthquake.