First Stations Pull Limbaugh Show

Journal-isms: Rush Limbaugh's radio show has been pulled from Hilo, Hawaii's KPUA-AM 670 in the aftermath of his offensive remarks.

Courtesy of the Maynard Institute
Courtesy of the Maynard Institute

Ad Boycott Called “Uncomfortable but Not Crippling”

“The nationally syndicated Rush Limbaugh radio show has been pulled from Hilo radio station KPUA-AM 670 in the aftermath of his offensive remarks about a woman who spoke in favor of health plan coverage for contraception,” Erika Engle wrote Monday in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, using material from the Associated Press.

“It may be the first radio station nationally to cancel airings of the program.”

In Pittsfield, Mass., meanwhile, WBEC-AM also pulled the plug on Limbaugh, Dick Lindsay reported for the Berkshire (Mass.) Eagle. “Certainly his comments were outrageous,” said WBEC General Manager Peter Barry. “There’s no reason to resort to derogatory comments.” The two were the first of Limbaugh’s 645 stations to cancel over his remarks.

The Hawaii report continued, “New West Broadcasting Corp. President and General Manger Chris Leonard said, regardless of the political views being discussed, he felt the initially degrading comments about Georgetown University law school student Sandra Fluke, and the escalating comments that followed, were ‘egregious,’ and that ‘decency and responsibility’ dictated the show’s cancellation.

” ‘I spent a good part of the weekend deliberating this issue,’ he said. “Had this been one of my disc jockeys that had made this comment, they would have been terminated.’

” . . . On Monday, AOL Inc. and Tax Resolution Services Co. were the eighth and ninth companies to say that they will suspend advertising on Limbaugh’s program, one of the most popular radio shows in the country.

“Limbaugh last week called student Fluke a ‘slut’ and ‘prostitute’ after she testified to congressional Democrats in support of their national health care policy that would compel her Jesuit college’s health plan to cover her birth control.”

(Katha Pollitt noted in the Nation: “In testimony she was barred from giving at Darrell Issas all-male hearing, Sandra Fluke told the story of a fellow student at Georgetown law, a lesbian who, because of Catholic strictures, was denied insurance coverage for birth control pills needed to control her ovarian cysts. Unable to afford the pill herself, the woman eventually had to have an ovary removed, with serious consequences to her health and fertility. Please note: this woman’s tragic story is not about nymphomaniacal ‘co-eds.’ “)