Was Deval Patrick Right About Romney?

Journal-isms: The Boston Globe fact-checks the Massachusetts governor on his predecessor's record.

“Not Quite” the Image Presidential Campaign Paints

“. . . Governor Deval Patrick, speaking Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, assailed his predecessor’s economic record, pointing to anemic job growth and deep budget cuts that affected education, transportation, and other programs that support the state’s economy,” Megan Woolhouse and Michael Rezendes reported Wednesday for the Boston Globe. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign “responded that the former governor turned a wide budget deficit into a surplus, held the line on taxes, and left office with fewer unemployed in Massachusetts than today.”

Who’s right?

In another example of news organizations responding quickly to varying assertions of the truth, the Globe answered the question quickly online and in the morning paper:

In many ways, Romney inherited a state economy in 2003 similar to the one President Barack Obama found entering the White House in 2009, one marked by a deep recession, huge job losses, and a widening budget deficit,” Woolhouse and Rezendes continued.

“And like Obama, Romney struggled mightily, delivering at best a modest recovery dictated less by his political leadership than by sprawling global forces beyond his control.

“Like Obama, Romney could also point to an economy that was much improved from the worst of the recession. But, as with the US economy today, progress was slow, painstaking, and for many, disappointing.

“At the end of his term, Romney could claim a small net job gain and a lower unemployment rate, but the pace of job growth lagged the nation badly and only a huge outflow of Massachusetts workers to faster growing states kept the unemployment rate from climbing higher.

“It is not quite the image of a turnaround painted by Romney’s presidential campaign.