Romney on Foreign Policy: Obama Lite?

Elongated Thoughts: The Republican candidate for president gave a speech. Did he say anything that matters?

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(The Root) — Mitt Romney is presidential. Don’t believe me? Watch a video of the Republican candidate giving a speech on foreign policy on Monday.

That was so presidential! I’m in awe of the presidential-ness. That guy is president material. I’m assuming that’s the point of this, because otherwise, what the hell was that? Romney didn’t draw that much of a line between him and President Obama, besides upping our submarine manufacturing and paying lip service to Israel. But something clicked in my head as I watched the former Massachusetts governor.  

President Obama is in the rare position of being considered a strong Democratic president on foreign policy and protecting the country. He killed Osama bin Laden! Romney gaffed his way through Europe. So why make a speech in which he barely draws a line between himself and Obama?

It seems like Romney just wants to be seen as at least sorta like Obama. If Romney can come off like Obama, who’s competent in the foreign policy sphere, then those who do respect Obama’s methods but aren’t too excited about the economy can feel good about voting for the guy with no foreign policy or military experience.

He’s like Obama without being Obama.

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