Paul Ryan Has No Time for Explanations

Elongated Thoughts: The veep contender says that it would be too hard to explain how his budget does the thing everyone says it can't do. 

Alex Wong/Getty Images News
Alex Wong/Getty Images News

( The Root) — The Romney-Ryan team has one thing and one thing only on their side: the appearance that they understand the economy better than President Obama. So when the Romney budget hit the ground and was found to be mathematically impossible by the Brookings Institution and Tax Policy Center, many people watching this unfold had two words to say:

“Wait … what?”

This was their bread and butter! Obama’s weak on the economy, everyone says. Romney made a lot of money! Ryan is a budget mastermind. Yet your budget is mathematically impossible?

Wait … what?

You can’t explain it? You sort of have to be able to explain the thing you claim you can do that experts don’t think is possible.

“We’re going to travel through time!”

“That’s impossible at the moment.”

“No, we’re totally going to do it.”