TWIB Radio: Obama Wins

This Week in Blackness reacts to the president's re-election.

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images
Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

(The Root) — I admit it. I was terrified. 

I cannot claim that I just knew President Barack Obama was going to win re-election. I had heard, as had many others, that his campaign team seemed completely relaxed and without worry, but that didn’t make me feel better. I assumed that was the brave face you put forward before you go into battle.

We had prepared to broadcast on This Week in Blackness radio until at least 1 a.m., so when the news started to come down around 11:15 p.m., we didn’t quite know how to take it. Check out our reaction with professor Anthea Butler, The Root contributor Lynette Holloway and #TeamBlackness (Aaron Rand Freeman and L. Joy Williams) as the news rolls in.