Actually, Mitt Romney, the Poor Aren’t OK

With less than two weeks before Election Day, let's recall the GOP candidate's take on poverty.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News

(The Root) — Everyone is yelling about polls and debate bounces and idiots making ridiculous claims, but with less than two weeks until the next election, what seems to continue getting lost in all the proverbial sauce is the poor.

We all know that bringing up the poor seems to be a no-no in big elections. With so many people having the preconceived notion that those in poverty have somehow brought this upon themselves, the idea of focusing any real attention seems to be at the candidates’ political detriment. However, the argument can be made that Romney’s policies will hurt the poor way more than President Obama’s. Romney even went so far as to flat out say that the poor are taken care of.

This didn’t sit well with many people, myself included. In the latest entry from the Actually … ad campaign produced by the pro-Obama super PAC Jewish Council for Education and Research, I make the argument as to why the concept of the poor already being taken care of is so problematic.