Super PAC Paints Obama as Racist

Elongated Thoughts: The organization is fighting the president, not bigotry.

(The Root) — The super PAC situation is getting ridiculous.

For those of you who are not familiar with super PACs: A super PAC is a political action committee that is allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money either for a candidate or against one. Super PACs can’t work directly with the candidate they’re supporting, and they can’t give money directly to that candidate, either. But they can create ad campaigns to slander any politician that they feel needs to be taken down with TV commercials, billboards, radio ads, whatever.

Enter the super PAC.

If you were just to read the name of this super PAC, you’d think it was a noble group founded to deal with America’s checkered and complicated past when it comes to race. You’d guess that this super PAC would be actively working to call out bigotry and racism in our political atmosphere and to make sure that political candidates are held accountable for their statements and actions.

You would be mistaken.

I’ll admit, I laughed.

After watching this commercial, I was far less “outraged” and way more laughing “out loud.” The ominous voice and ridiculous framing of our supposed racist president cracks me up. The video lacked any style, substance or nuance. This was created by people who think they already have an audience. They aren’t trying to convince anyone who didn’t already feel that the president had issues with whites.

This would be horrifying if it weren’t so silly. President Obama, who is under constant criticism by various members of and groups within the black community for not being the pro-blackity black president that they thought he would be, is somehow anti-white? Cornel West went so far as to make the ridiculous claim that Obama was uncomfortable being around “free black men” (Yes, Dr. West, we still remember that), but according to FightBigotry, Obama is just a big old white-people-hating machine.