A Black Republican Explains ‘Black Anger’

Let us all take a journey into the bitter African-American mind, shall we?

Mychal Massie (Fox Business Network)
Mychal Massie (Fox Business Network)

(The Root) — Thank Zeus there are Negroes out there who can break down how the Negro mind works for white people so that they can understand why we be so mad. Mychal Massie, a conservative writer and member of a black conservative think tank, recently decided to explain to white America why “many blacks are bitter and angry at society in general and conservatives specifically.”

This is real life.

It’s hard to have a reasonable discussion about anything else the article contains because of how ridiculous this premise is. That could just be my anger and bitterness blocking my communication capabilities. Massie gives an example of a basketball player from a troubled background calling another successful basketball player from an affluent background an Uncle Tom to show how the bitter black mind works.

The player, who himself went on to achieve stardom, fame and fortune, hated Grant Hill in part because of the success and public stature of his parents and because, as he saw it, Hill wasn’t black enough.

The player was angry and bitter because his own father had abandoned him, his mother had to work hard and he had had a difficult life growing up. He was bitter because he was the beneficiary of bad decisions others had made that ultimately affected him.

That’s why many blacks are angry and bitter?

First off — I reject this premise. Are there angry and bitter black people? Sure. There are also angry and bitter white people who desperately want their country back. But the article, despite the usage of the phrase “many blacks,” implies that this is the majority of blacks, and that’s why President Obama enjoys such a high rate of support within the group.

Many blacks are still engaged in a struggle that ended decades ago. They are still fighting to overcome. This explains their attachment to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It explains how a Neanderthal hate-group like the New Black Panther Party can arise. It also explains why they embrace the Obamas and scorn Justice Thomas and Rep. Allen West.

See? That explains it. We’re still trying to overcome, when obviously everything is awesome and magical! You silly blacks keep acting as if you still have to fight for justice and equality. Why don’t you like Allen West, but you like Barack Obama? So what that West referred to us as being slaves on the Democratic plantation? So what that West traffics in idiocy and sensational ignorance? Why would blacks like Obama more than they do him?