Coulter: White People Don’t Have a Gun Problem

The conservative pundit says it's a "demographics issue."

(The Root) — You have to appreciate when someone on television flat out says what you think they think. Ladies and gentlemen, Ann Coulter …

To say I’m shocked at Coulter’s assertion would just be a lie. This is Ann Coulter. She says ridiculous nonsense on a regular basis. But on top of her magically ridiculous statements, the oh-so-reasonable Sean Hannity — the host who should rein in commentary on his show that has gone completely off the rails — simply let her statement stand.

Sure, she just said that gun violence is an issue only with communities of color, but whatever. Since when are people of color Americans? If gun violence affects only them (which it doesn’t), then we don’t really need to address it! 

So, quick question: With these shining staples of the right wing, why should nonwhites feel comfortable with the Republican Party again?