Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind

Stars--they're just like us! They're happy to be "on" most of the time, if they can have a little privacy some of the time...

Dear Come Correct:

I’m going to be spending the holidays with my cousins who live in a city where there are lots of celebrities. I am taking my camera with me, and I hope, hope, hope to get a couple of snapshots with a few stars while I’m there. She has already warned me to be cool with that. Is there a way to ask, so I don’t embarrass my cousin but get my photo?

Snap Happy

Dear Snap:

To use the words of a popular fanzine: Stars–they’re just like us! (Only more famous and way wealthier, duh.) I’ve heard them talk about this from time to time, and there are a few rules:

1) Usually if they’re alone, they may consider a photo–especially if you’re with your children, and the kids really want a photo: “Mr. Smith, my son Loren dressed up like Hancock for Halloween. Could he come shake your hand?”  A lot of people (and Will is one) are extremely gracious with children, will have them over, have mom snap the photo, wish you a good day and move on.  Don’t get into a big conversation.  Do say thanks before you leave.

2) There are very few actors who don’t enjoy hearing “Hi, Mr. Foxx–you were great in Collateral!”  Do tell them that if you want. Don’t go much farther than that: “Who was that girl who co-starred with you, man? You tappin’ that for real?”  Nuh-uh.

3) Don’t disturb when they’re out with their children, trying to have a “normal” afternoon.  Don’t interrupt what looks like a romantic evening out to ask for an autograph.  Don’t approach them when they’re at their table in restaurants.  (Would you want to have to wash your hands several times before you got to eat? Think about it…)  If you’re in line waiting for your car afterward, if you’re at the bar before you’re seated, feel free.

Stars are just like you and me in that we like to be reminded that people like us. Some are known for being gracious: Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, George Clooney, Meryl Streep–all are known for being extremely kind and approachable to their fans.