Michael Arceneaux

Michael Arceneaux hails from Houston, lives in Harlem and praises Beyoncé’s name wherever he goes. Follow him on Twitter.

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Nov. 2 2013 5:21 PM
Kanye West has transformed from a so-called conscious rapper into the average Internet troll, willing to say anything to get attention, Michael Arceneaux writes at Clutch magazine. 
Oct. 31 2013 12:01 AM
Michael Arceneaux, in a piece at Ebony, likens singer Chris Brown's fans to enablers. They protested his arrest this weekend in Washington, D.C., after he apparently had an altercation. "A 'Free Chris Brown!' rally? Really?
Oct. 19 2013 7:14 PM
While Kim Kardashian's post-baby physique looks great, she has essentially morphed into Kanye West's personal blow-up doll, Michael Arceneaux laments at Clutch magazine.