Jelani Cobb



Aug. 29 2013 3:52 PM
Responding to President Obama's remarks on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, Jelani Cobb asks at the New Yorker, "Has a black presidency moved us closer to the ideal of King's dream, or reflected its exhaustion as a real possibility?"
July 28 2013 4:34 PM
George Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin has given the NRA carte blanche to peddle right-wing vigilantism, which is why "Stand your ground" laws should be repealed, Jelani Cobb writes at the New Yorker.
May 13 2013 12:53 AM
Jelani Cobb writes in the New Yorker that Malcolm Shabazz, who died last week in Mexico, was a young man still defining his place amid a looming legacy.
Oct. 9 2012 12:42 AM
In a piece for the New Yorker, Jelani Cobb explains how the Obama presidency has "validated both our hopes and our fears and given dueling legitimacy to optimism and cynicism simultaneously." 
June 25 2012 12:08 AM
University of Connecticut professor and New Yorker contributor Jelani Cobb digs into Rodney King's passing and what it means to African Americans.
Feb. 16 2009 6:00 AM
Presidents Day was once a rude interruption to Black History Month, a reminder of whose terms we were on. This Presidents Day I find myself celebrating.