Clarence Page



Jan. 8 2013 12:00 AM
Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page says that All My Babies' Mamas -- the story of rapper Shawty Lo and his 11 children with 10 different women -- is just one example of new forms of slavery that we impose on ourselves. 
Nov. 19 2012 12:57 AM
Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page tackles the failed GOP presidential candidate's "gifts" comments, saying they echo his earlier remarks about "47 percent of Americans" who "don't pay taxes," and concludes that Romney is out of touch. 
Oct. 30 2012 12:27 AM
Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page addresses former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's recent Facebook smear of President Barack Obama, in which she alleges a cover-up regarding the attack in Libya.
Sept. 5 2012 12:05 AM
The Chicago Tribune's Clarence Page, who admits that both major political parties "shade the truth," says the Romney campaign has been especially guilty of the practice this election season.
Aug. 30 2012 12:53 AM
The Chicago Tribune's Clarence Page says the Republican presidential hopeful shouldn't joke about birth certificates or anything else, because he's simply not good at it.
July 11 2012 12:18 AM
Columnist Clarence Page, writing at the Sun Sentinel, says that few conservatives in leadership positions have offered much in the way of a serious alternative to the president's Affordable Care Act. 
May 29 2012 12:06 AM
Polls show that black voters are swinging dramatically closer to President Obama's view on same-sex marriage, but Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page says that even those not in favor of it are unlikely to scrap their other political concerns for the sake of a single issue.