Adam Serwer



Sept. 7 2013 4:11 PM
The workplace will likely be the only place impacted by last week's court ruling that use of the n-word is wrong, even among blacks, writes Adam Serwer at MSNBC, who says the word has become a permanent fixture in America's nomenclature, with all of its connotations.
July 21 2013 5:24 PM
GOP congressional leaders met on Thursday to determine what steps to take since the Supreme Court has struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. They didn't seem interested in doing much of anything, Adam Serwer writes at MSNBC. 
July 10 2013 12:06 AM
Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act allows the federal government to require jurisdictions with recent records of discrimination to submit their election-law changes for clearance and could become a secret weapon, writes MSNBC's Adam Serwer.