Pastor Abducted in Egypt a Standout

Friends of the recently released Rev. Michel Louis say his valor overseas was no surprise.

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"In our eyes, he is a hero," Yancy said. "We haven't put together any plans, but I am sure he'll get a hero's welcome when he returns."

Details of the group's return to the U.S. have not been announced, and Louis and his family have declined The Root's interview requests. But family and friends have told other news outlets that they are excited about the release and anxiously await the arrival of Louis, his wife and the other travelers.

"At the moment, there is a lot of joy. I'm exuberant," Jean Louis, son of Michel Louis, told "I have no words to express it. We believe in God. And let me tell you, He did not let us down."

Denise Stewart is a freelance writer in Alabama.

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