Jamaica’s First Female PM Elected Again

After four years off, Portia Simpson-Miller is headed back to her old office.

Ratiba Hamzaoui/AFP/Getty Images

The election campaigns were spirited. The JLP outspent the PNP by what looked like a 3-to-1 margin. But its emphasis on negative campaigning got pushed back because many Jamaicans saw at least one of its ads as disrespectful to Sister P. Now no one is asking who is having the last laugh.

The head of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, Joseph M. Matalon, told The Root that the election shows the strength of the island’s democracy. “We are happy there is a clear mandate for the new government and very much hope that they will hit the ground running in January to implement those elements of the economic reform program that remain outstanding,” he said.

Knolly Moses, a former Newsweek reporter, lives in Jamaica.

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