The American Military Moves Into Africa

Will AFRICOM help or hurt Africa's progress toward stability and development?

AFP/Getty Images

The rush to make good on our conservative foreign policy objectives and permanently establish the US military presence throughout the continent has left several critical questions unanswered.

Such as:

  • How does the United States intend to promote stability by introducing more military equipment into the region and approving more arms sales to countries in Africa?
  • How does the U.S. decide when to use force to “stabilize” a region in conflict?
  • If people are protesting unfair corporate practices near the grounds of an oil company, will the U.S. use force, or encourage the use of force by African military units, to protect these corporate assets?
  • Will U.S. soldiers be accountable in any way to African governments or their citizens?
  • To what degree will the U.S. employ PMCs in Africa?
  • Will U.S. economic interests trump the rule of law, democracy and accountability in Africa?

The answers to the questions above will go a long way in determining whether or not AFRICOM constitutes an occupation force that may actually encourage future conflicts.